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John Wray (BSS #282)

John Wray is most recently the author of Lowboy. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Searching for those who will listen to him in the subway. Author: John Wray Subjects Discussed: The ABAB narrative of Lowboy, mirroring schizophrenia within a narrative structure, a sane perspective that assists the reader, subway details, Franz Kafka’s Amerika, real vs. imaginary […]


2008 National Book Awards (BSS #252)

So far as we know, the National Book Awards has not authored anything aside from programs and informational pamphlets. The people that Our Young, Roving Correspondent talked with on that fateful night, however, have authored a few books. Or at least, this is what they have told us. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Deeply suspicious of […]


Charlie Kaufman (BSS #243)

Charlie Kaufman recently appeared on The Bat Segundo Show #243. Kaufman is most recently the writer-director of Synecdoche, New York, now playing in limited theaters. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Lost in the endless ebb and flow of emotional and cerebral ideas. Guest: Charlie Kaufman Subjects Discussed: Mr. Kaufman confronting more energy than he is accustomed […]