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Rupert Thomson II, Part One (BSS #137)

Rupert Thomson is most recently the author of Death of a Murderer. [This is the first of an in-depth, two-part conversation with Rupert Thomson, conducted over the course of two days. The first part details primarily with Death of a Murderer. The second part, which can be heard in Show #138, extends into his career. Read More


Antoine Wilson (BSS #136)

Antoine Wilson is most recently the author of The Interloper. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Finding creative ways of using Photoshop. Author: Antoine Wilson Subjects Discussed: Tonal beacons within The Interloper, Martin Amis, stifling the Nabokovian influence, frisbees and sex, conformist thinking, allusions to Sisyphus, technical writing, emotional candor, psychological experiments, generic establishments, reflection vs. invention, Read More

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