Month: September 2008

Mike Leigh (BSS #238)

Mike Leigh is the filmmaker behind Naked, Life is Sweet, Vera Drake, and, most recently, Happy-Go-Lucky, which is currently playing the New York Film Festival (among many others) and opens in the United States on October 10. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Too unhappy and too unlucky. Guest: Mike Leigh Subjects Discussed: Vocational symmetries within Leigh’s Read More


Bonnie Tyler (BSS #237)

Bonnie Tyler is the legendary singer behind such tracks as “Vernal Equinox of the Mind” and “Holding Out for a Supervillain.” Condition of Mr. Segundo: Nothing he can say, a total eclipse of the Bat. Guest: Bonnie Tyler Subjects Discussed: Tyler co-writing most of the tracks on the album, Wings, singing vs. songwriting, breaking up Read More


Segundo Torrents

The first 200 shows of The Bat Segundo Show are now available in torrent form. There were initially six torrent packs that were released last year. But a hard drive crash wiped those files. I have repacked the first six packs, and added four more. You can download these files using any torrent client. If Read More

Markos Moulitsas (BSS #236)

Markos Moulitsas is most recently the author of Taking on the System. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Refusing to cut and run from Kenny Loggins and company. Author: Markos Moulitsas Subjects Discussed: Speculation on the effectiveness of protests, influencing the gatekeepers, Amy Goodman and other journalists arrested in St. Paul, small-time bloggers, Cindy Sheehan, “Free Mumia” Read More


Daniel Levitin (BSS #235)

Daniel Levitin is most recently the author of The World in Six Songs. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Recalling a traumatic musical episode from his marriage. Author: Daniel Levitin Subjects Discussed: Songs that straddle multiple categories within Levitin’s taxonomy, neurological response vs. societal perception of a song, the original eight categories, oxytocin, “I Walk the Line,” Read More


Courtney Humphries (BSS #234)

Courtney Humphries is the author of Superdove Condition of Mr. Segundo: Severely underestimating the carnivorous impulses of pigeons. Author: Courtney Humphries Subjects Discussed: Eating squab, pigeon dining options in restaurants, Robert Dunn’s pigeon paradox, urban forms of nature, pigeons as an ineluctable aspect of the city, people’s attitudes towards wildlife, the pigeon’s place in the Read More


The Bat Segundo Show Now on Litstation

For those of you who hoping that the Bat might put you to sleep, you’re in luck. The new season of Litstation has started, and The Bat Segundo Show can now be listened to every night at midnight EST (9PM PST). To tune in, go to the Litstation page, and click on the “Listen on Read More