Bouchercon 2006 (BSS #71)

Our Correspondent conducted several odd interviews at Bouchercon 2006.

Guests: Lee Goldberg, Robert S. Levinson, Alexandra Sokoloff, Sarah Weinman, Jon Jordan, Jennifer Jordan, Jim Winter, Russel McLean, Sandi Loper-Herzog, Steve Stillwell, and Duane Swierczynski.

Condition of Mr. Segundo: Attemptnig to seek a spiritual path.

Subjects Discussed: The Goldberg brothers, story limits and novelists, pi, Marie Callender’s, Tod Goldberg’s toe, the Beatles, CrimeSpree Magazine, man boobs, rude noir, Charlie Huston’s penchant for f-bombs, David Simon, beer vs. press, the British Embassy, passing around hotel room numbers, book bribes, Crime Scene Scotland, gray-haired ladies hooked on drugs, attending multiple Bouchercons, and the narrative inspiration of hair color.

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