Month: May 2006

BEA 2006 Part 1 (BSS #42)

Guests: Carolyn Kellogg, Steve Saladino, Megan Sullivan, Amanda Darling, Kassia Kroszer, Kirk Biglione, Ron Hogan, Brian Murray, Michelle Wildgen, Mike Webster, Joseph Wortenva, Laurel Snyder and Delia Falconer. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Believing he may have hit the worst point in his life. Subjects Discussed: Dubious podcasting panels, marketing terminology, fisting, Tyler Cowen’s essay, bookstore Read More


Carrie A.A. Frye & Yannick Murphy (BSS #41)

Authors: Carrie A.A. Frye and Yannick Murphy Condition of Mr. Segundo: Missing, last seen packing himself into a suitcase at Dulles. Subjects Discussed: To Kill a Mockingbird, Dodie Smith’s I Capture the Castle, Here They Come as autobiography, bending spoons with your mind, sleepless nights of inspiration, the similarities between surrealism and realism, hot dog Read More


Segundo’s First Public Appearance?

Read More

Harvey Pekar & Dean Haspiel (BSS #40)

Authors: Dean Haspiel and Harvey Pekar Condition of Mr. Segundo: Feeling old age, pining for an old flame named Virginia. Subjects Discussed: How Haspiel hooked up with Pekar, the origin of the American Splendor movie, the origin of The Quitter, growing as a storyteller courtesy of “hieroglyphic rants,” paneling, DC Comics scripts vs. Pekar scripts, Read More


The May Queen (BSS #39)

[PRODUCER’S NOTE: Every effort has been made to preserve and process the audio. But keep in mind that the group was in a noisy bar and there were considerable microphones involved, which all picked up some background noise. So for those who protest the din, we note that the ambience clears out a little about Read More


Gina Frangello & Kassia Kroszer (BSS #38)

Authors: Kassia Kroszer and Gina Frangello Condition of Mr. Segundo: Still in the desert, deferring to Mr. Bonasera. Subjects Discussed: Margaret Atwood, violence, Freud’s “Dora” study, Jane Smiley’s A Thousand Acres, psychoanalytical theories in the 90s, Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying, unreliable narrators, epigraphs, the presence of current events, hysteria, Ayn Rand, the influence of Read More


Sarah Waters (BSS #37)

[NOTE: The Bat Segundo crew is not responsible for the wretched music (in addition to a cleaner that we processed out in part) playing in the background during the interview. We apologize to our listeners for this. But we had to improvise to talk with Ms. Waters as long as possible.] Author: Sarah Waters Condition Read More


Jeffrey Ford & Gwenda Bond (BSS #36)

Authors: Gwenda Bond and Jeffrey Ford (LBC nominee, Spring 2006) Condition of Mr. Segundo: Absent, abstaining from Bolshevik operations. Subjects Discussed: On writing a book with “everything but the kitchen sink,” baroque vs. simple language, the influence of Hammett, Glen David Gold’s Carter Beats the Devil, Rex Stout, creative serendipity, eugenics, on “playing it safe” Read More


Sheila Heti & Mark Sarvas (BSS #35)

Authors: Mark Sarvas and Sheila Heti (LBC nominee, Spring 2006) Condition of Mr. Segundo: Absent, abstaining from Bolshevik operations. Subjects Discussed: Perspectives, on writing an interior novel, research vs. devising Ticknor’s character, passive protagonists, environmental details, ambiguity, anxiety, on digressing from the historical record, masking fears, Ticknor’s ass fetish, writing an “epic” short novel and Read More