Month: November 2006

Edward P. Jones (BSS #80)

Edward P. Jones is most recently the author of The Known World. Author: Edward P. Jones Condition of Mr. Segundo: Feeling oppressed by MySpace. Subjects Discussed: Jones’s instinct for precision, specifics, city streets, details within minor characters, family lineage within fiction, Squirrel Nuts, penny candy, handicapped characters, gifted students, avoiding recurrent motifs and repeating stories, Read More


Mr. Segundo Goes MySpace

We’re not sure how this happened. Mr. Segundo is hardly savvy with computers, but he’s somehow nabbed himself a MySpace page. Read More

Mark Z. Danielewski (BSS #79)

Mark Z. Danielewski is most recently the author of Only Revolutions. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Horrified by “misprinted” books. Author: Mark Z. Danielewski Subjects Discussed: The origins of Only Revolutions, Hailey’s appearance in House of Leaves, the use of obscure uncanonized words in Only Revolutions (and their various origins), hip-hop, Gene Wolfe, Anthony Burgess, teenagers Read More


Richard Dawkins (BSS #78)

Richard Dawkins is most recently the author of The God Delusion. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Attempting to set up a tequila-faith based organization. Author: Richard Dawkins Subjects Discussed: The audience for The God Delusion, comparing an atheistic text to Satan, evolutionary biology and religion, charitable religious-based organizations, Mother Teresa, whether imaginary constructs are a bad Read More


Sam Savage (BSS #77)

Sam Savage is most recently the author of Firmin. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Still missing, wondering who this Champion character is. Guests: Sam Savage and Edward Champion Subjects Discussed: Having a rat as a protagonist, investigating rats, on being a late starter, poetry, exploring consciousness in fiction, the destruction of Scollay Square, collaborating on the Read More


Scott Smith (BSS #76)

Scott Smith is most recently the author of The Ruins. Author: Scott Smith Condition of Mr. Segundo: Still missing, replaced temporarily by a windbag. Subjects Discussed: The addictive nature of The Ruins, insecurity, writing without an outline, making a seemingly preposterous premise believable, Rupert Thomson, on taking things too far, how deadlines help, aborted 1,000 Read More


George Ilsley & Matt Cheney (BSS #75)

George Ilsley is most recently the author of ManBug. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Avoidant of infestations. Guests: Matt Cheney and George Ilsley Subjects Discussed: The “arc” of the LBC, small presses, Kinsey, entomological inspiration, language play, relationships, Dan Savage, Queer as Folk, Brokeback Mountain, unexpected audiences, unreliable narrators, insect collections, gall wasps, bed bugs, unique Read More