Dave White (BSS #166)

Dave White is the author of When One Man Dies.


Condition of Mr. Segundo: Hostile towards Our Young, Roving Correspondent’s inability to spell “Jack Daniel’s” correctly.

Author: Dave White

Subjects Discussed: John Donne quotes, first names and hangovers, Billy Martin and the Yankees, war veterans, color blindness, Anthony Burgess, first-person and third-person chapters, having an antagonist who continually pines for a protagonist’s death, rhythm, Taylor ham and eggs, New Jersey culture, the spelling of Jack Daniel’s, invented private investigative tricks, the problems of ordering a pizza by cell phone, Jackson Donne’s tendency to throw money around, whether one can cut a driver’s license with a Swiss Army knife, Jon Bon Jovi, women and service sector jobs, music, the reliability of Glock guns, whether “sailing away” is a peaceful phrase, burgers as sustenance, drugs and teachers, stoner stereotypes, sentence fragments and commas, newspaper journalists, and hubristic statements from New Jersey.


Correspondent: But surely colors and textures, these things have value too? These things trigger memories as well!

White: Yes.

Correspondent: These things often trigger family memories. At least for me.

White: Well, I’m color blind. Partially. So color doesn’t have the same…

Correspondent: Oh, interesting!

White: …same power.

Correspondent: I was just going to ask you. Because Burgess in this book — I was wondering if you were familiar with Anthony Burgess. Because he was also color blind. I’m not sure if you knew that.

White: I did not know that.

Correspondent: That’s why colors were tricky for him too.

White: Yeah. I did not know that. I’m not familiar with Anthony Burgess.

Correspondent: Are you familiar with any Burgesses?

White: Wasn’t the guy who played the Penguin in the Batman series…?

Correspondent: Burgess Meredith.

White: Burgess Meredith.

Correspondent: Well, now, Burgess was his first name.

White: I know, but that’s the only Burgess I could think of.

Correspondent: Why didn’t he squawk like a penguin in this then?

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  1. Ryan Krewer

    Why does the Young Roving Correspondent point out the smallest details that have absolutely no impact on how the story flows or is delivered?

    He seems to be harping on these minute points and criticizing Mr. White’s research, yet he himself didn’t look into facts for his own interview. IE: Taylor Ham, the quality of Swiss Army Knives, or generalizing that all Jersey women hate Bruce Springsteen.

    Also he really has a problem with Bill Martin’s motivation, doesn’t he?. Why would you want him to veer away from his obsession? Would you want him to start talking about his interest in Swarovski crystals? Of course not, it’s impertinent and would add nothing whatsoever.

    I just think an interviewer should never be hypocritical. Jackson Donne is a lazy PI and you are a lazy interviewer. I also think an interviewer should never try to overshadow the interview by flaunting an attempt at being witty. Finally, self-absorbtion has no place in an interview. The interviewer obviously thinks himself “to cool for school”. It’s obtrusive and ruined the entire listening experience for me.

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