Month: February 2011

Bat Segundo Release Day Switches to Tuesday

You may have noticed that we’ve been performing a few experiments in 2011. During a few weeks, we released an extra episode shortly before Friday to determine what kind of a draw it’s going to get. Much to our surprise, we’ve discovered that people tend to prefer listening to a new Bat Segundo installment earlier Read More

Adrian Tomine (BSS #382)

Adrian Tomine is most recently the author of Scenes from an Impending Marriage. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Attempting to reconcile the impending with illustrations depicting events from years ago. Author: Adrian Tomine Subjects Discussed: Doing time in Sacramento, veiling a personal experience with a sex change, which of Tomine’s characters is least like him, the Read More


Eduardo Porter (BSS #381)

Eduardo Porter is most recently the author of The Price of Everything. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Shopping for a new religion. Author: Eduardo Porter Subjects Discussed: Faith and the Pascalian wager, whether or not Americans perceive faith in fair prices, the idea of a price embodying the making of a thing, Marx and labor, how Read More


Toby Ball (BSS #380)

Toby Ball is most recently the author of The Vaults. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Spilling green ink all over the public records. Author: Toby Ball Subjects Discussed: The descriptive connection between sound and voice, Ball’s background in teaching, envisioning a scene before writing it, devising a 1935 parallel universe, alternative forms of photography, prethinking information Read More


Karen Rusell (BSS #379)

Karen Russell is most recently the author of Swamplandia! Condition of Mr. Segundo: Wrestling alligators that the mean men left in his motel room. Author: Karen Russell Subjects Discussed: How “Ava Wrestles the Alligator” transformed into Swamplandia!, origin stories of characters, expanding and embroidering, the tradition of underworld stories, Dante’s percolating possibilities, heroic kids and Read More


Jessie Sholl (BSS #378)

Jessie Sholl is most recently the author of Dirty Secret. Ms. Sholl will also be appearing at the Barnes & Noble Tribeca on Wednesday, February 2nd, at 7:00 PM. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Packing his rats before they rat his pack. Author: Jessie Sholl Subjects Discussed: The genetics behind the hoarding impulse, being a material Read More