Porochista Khakpour (BSS #249)

Porochista Khakpour is the author of Sons and Other Flammable Objects. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Avoiding the seemingly erudite man with the flamethrower. Author: Porochista Khakpour Subjects Discussed: Professional doodling, italics that represent facial expressions, acting out dialogue, the protracted difficulties of editing, the creative benefits of neurosis, thinking of an audience vs. writing in […]


Christian Bauman (BSS #215)

Christian Bauman is most recently the author of In Hoboken. Condition of the Show: Contending with contentious Midtown diners. Author: Christian Bauman Subjects Discussed: Defining a rock and roll novel, writing an ensemble novel with Hoboken as a character, references to paper storms and 9/11, chronological foreshadowing, using real-life Hoboken locations vs. invented locations, the […]


Howard Jacobson (BSS #165)

Howard Jacobson is the author of Kalooki Nights. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Taking umbrage with card game titles. Author: Howard Jacobson Subjects Discussed: The onus of being on tour, the strange exercise of talking about books, loose trousers, the Jewish relationship with the body, being Jewish in England, jokes and audience reaction, Seriously Funny, Jewish […]