#1 — The Burgess Cocktail

So, per the instructions, I prepared the Hangman’s Blood.

This is one serious beverage.

The taste is overpoweringly pungent and I cannot imagine anyone other than a drinker of Burgess’ hardy stature drinking more than one of these over an evening. Since there are five hard liquors involved (and I prepared about a jigger a piece), even the viscous Guinness cannot absorb the full potency of this brew. And the Korbel on top only complicates thing, causing the mix to resemble some cold version of a frothy witches brew.

However, Burgess was damn right about the elation. I’ve had about a third of the drink so far and, despite dinner, it went straight to my head and, despite the noxious taste, I am feeling a very pleasant tingle throughout my arms and my stomach.

Perhaps this is the British answer to Long Island Iced Tea. Because the gin in particular really seems to stand out. (Perhaps gin doesn’t chemically mesh with the Guinness. Any scientists in the crowd tonight?)


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