Reluctant Habits

Review: Love Crime (2010)

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The dazzling Kristin Scott Thomas plays a corporate executive like a professional assassin, but is this enough for a French thriller to embrace its quirks?

Brooklyn: Before Hurricane Irene

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A series of photos taken in Brooklyn just before Hurricane Irene.

Review: Special Treatment (2010)

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Why have there been so films exploring the parallels between psychiatry and prostitution? And does a new film starring Isabelle Huppert cut the comparative mustard?

The Bat Segundo Show: Dana Spiotta II

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In this 45 minute conversation conducted before a packed audience, Dana Spiotta discusses Stone Arabia, multiple lives, and how art and specific life choices can protect and define identity.

When the Flock Changed: David Foster Wallace & Maud Newton

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Why can’t Maud Newton level with us about her bilious biases? A thorough dismantling of her reactionary David Foster Wallace/blogging piece for the New York Times.

Review: Mozart’s Sister (2011)

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Does a new flick about Maria Anna Mozart do justice to the classical music biopic? Or is zest lacking? And is it too crass of our reviewer to use yacht rock comparisons in assessing this movie?

The Bat Segundo Show: John Banville & Benjamin Black

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In this 45 minute radio interview, John Banville discusses the uselessness of book reviewers, not seeing human beings as the center of the universe, and writing as Banville and Benjamin Black.

The Book Reviewer’s Downgraded Credit Rating

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When today’s book reviewers remain undercompensated, is there any real point to book reviewing? A response to Tom Lutz’s recent essay.

The Bat Segundo Show: Jesús Ángel García

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In this 50 minute radio interview, Jesus Angel Garcia discusses his novel badbadbad, sexual and religious possibilities, and how OKCupid can be used as a bona-fide research site.