Reluctant Habits

The Bat Segundo Show: Janet Reitman

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In this one hour radio interview, journalist Janet Reitman discusses Inside Scientology, her comprehensive five-year investigation into the Church of Scientology.

Against Essays About Reviews That Have No Corresponding Set of Virtues

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Why Elizabeth Gumport fails to understand the essays she quotes and the realities of book reviewing.

Paid Author Events: The Future of Independent Bookstores?

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In this lengthy investigative report, we talk with numerous customers, booksellers, and authors to determine whether paid author events reflect a legitimate path for the independent bookstore.

Review: Bad Teacher (2011)

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Bad Teacher is a curiously tepid film needlessly sanitized by its good intentions, with an underlying sexism getting in the way of bona-fide subversion.

The Bat Segundo Show: Mara Hvistendahl

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In this 40 minute interview, Mara Hvistendahl discusses Unnatural Selection, the problems with population control, skewered sex ratios, surplus men in China, and whether or not Paul Erlich is a crackpot.

Review: Green Lantern (2011)

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If this year’s cinema has taught us anything, it’s this: don’t trust a movie with “green” in the title.

BAMcinemaFest: On Tour and Where Soldiers Come From

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In this second BAMcinemaFest dispatch, our correspondent tackles burlesque dancers and a moving documentary about the National Guard serving in Afghanistan.

BAMcinemaFest: Weekend, Letters from the Big Man, and The Color Wheel

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In this first BAMcinemaFest dispatch, our correspondent takes in weekend flings, Sasquatch romance, and a very annoying hipster who thinks he’s Buster Keaton.

A Conversation with Susan Freinkel

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In this comprehensive 8,000 word interview, journalist Susan Freinkel discusses Plastic: A Toxic Love Story and the unseen and unconsidered impact of plastic upon our environment.

The Bat Segundo Show: James Gleick

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In this 40 minute radio interview, James Gleick discusses The Information, Claude Shannon, entropy, game theory, and the history of information.

Jennifer Schuessler: “Literary Occupation: Housewife”

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Why does Jennifer Schuessler and The New York Times believe that any women who speaks her mind is engaging in a feud? Or little more than a happy housewife heroine?

The Bat Segundo Show: Adam Hochschild

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In this whirlwind 40 minute radio interview, historian Adam Hochschild discusses To End All Wars, World War I, pacifism, and relativistic courage.