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Lord Jim (Modern Library #85)

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In the latest Modern Library Reading Challenge installment, our intrepid reader takes on Conrad’s masterpiece, contemplating honor, Jim’s emo whining, and the many eccentric characters on the high seas.

The Bat Segundo Show: Alan Hollinghurst

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In this 45 minute radio interview, we talk with Booker winning novelist Alan Hollinghurst about The Stranger’s Child, how a single verb can alter a sentence, and whether literary biographies have any legitimacy.

Tales Too Terrible #2: Do You Have Eggs?

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The second installment of a new dramatic radio project, in which several enthusiasts attempt to communicate their exuberance to a grumpy agent. There is a lot of talk in this installment about eggs.

The Literary Hipster’s Handbook — 2011 Q4 Edition

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After five years, our quarterly installment of the Literary Hipster’s Handbook returns, featuring “Rowan job,” “Eugenides Vest,” and “woodwinked.”

National Book Awards — Live Coverage

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Our coverage of the 2011 National Book Awards, which will include photos, silly paragraphs, and half-baked interviews, will continue throughout the evening. Keep checking!

The Bat Segundo Show: Téa Obreht

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In this goofy and engaging one hour radio interview, Téa Obreht discusses The Tiger’s Wife, mythological animals, the relationship between comedy and tragedy, and the possibility of turning into Smeagol if she wins the National Book Award.

Tales Too Terrible #1: Meeting the Operative

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The first installment of a new dramatic radio project, whereby abandoned fragments are resuscitated into new narratives.

The Bat Segundo Show: Lawrence Weschler

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In this 45 minute radio interview, Lawrence Weschler discusses the many applications of the uncanny valley, Walter Murch, and political semiotics.

Q.R. Markham, Plagiarist

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One of the biggest plagiarism scandals in recent years. Here are examples of Q.R. Markham’s Assassin of Secrets lifting from numerous other books.

The Bat Segundo Show: Diana Abu-Jaber

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In this one hour radio interview, we discuss food, easily offended readers, and Florida gutterpunk culture with Birds of Paradise author Diana Abu-Jaber.

The Bat Segundo Show: Weird Al Yankovic

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In this goofy and info-heavy 45 minute radio interview, the legendary Weird Al Yankovic discusses everything from Freytag’s triangle to tort reform to radio censorship.