Reluctant Habits

The Bat Segundo Show: Nick Broomfield

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In this vivacious 35 minute radio interview, filmmaker Nick Broomfield discusses Sarah Palin: You Betcha, the amateurist aesthetic, moral paralysis, paying documentary subjects, Lily Tomlin, and conservative politicians with big hair.

The Bat Segundo Show: Sheila McClear

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In this one hour radio interview, Sheila McClear — author of The Last of the Live Nude Girls — describes the economic and psychological consequences of working a peep show.

Occupy Wall Street: Nine Conversations and a Protest Song

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On Tuesday afternoon, I journeyed to Liberty Square and talked with people. Here is an audio presentation of nine of my conversations, along with a bouncy protest song called “Let ‘Em Eat Cake.”

The Call of the Wild (Modern Library #88)

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In our next installment of the Modern Library Reading Challenge, we uncover why Jack London’s wild and romantic view is still necessary within the comfort zone of the 21st century.

Occupy Wall Street: Was the NYPD Authorized to Pepper Spray Peaceful Observers?

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An inquiry into excessive pepper spray use at the Occupy Wall Street protest reveals much — including the NYPD’s failure to abide by its own guidelines.

Another Review of Moneyball

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Sarah Weinman offers her take on Moneyball, getting into the baseball nitty-gritty.

Review: Moneyball

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Two fictitious sportcasters attempt to make sense of knee-jerk critical reactions to Moneyball.

NYFF: Le Havre

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Aki Kaurismäki’s latest film tinkers with the idea that our fantasies are more rooted in our heart, existing before we can sculpt them into visual submission.

NYFF: You Are Not I (1981)

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This spellbinding 1981 adaptation of a Paul Bowles story was nearly lost, but is now playing as part of the New York Film Festival.

NYFF: The Loneliest Planet

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A consideration of Julia Loktev’s adaptation of the Tom Bissell story, “Expensive Trips Nowhere,” which includes press conference audio, comparison with Paul Bowles, and an email exchange with Bissell.

NYFF: Mud and Soldiers (1939)

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Approximately 72% of this 1939 film involves marching. I am not quite certain that this makes for compelling narrative.

NYFF: Intimidation (1960)

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This highly enjoyable 1960 movie about a botched blackmail suggests Japan’s answer to a scrappy film noir bankrolled by RKO.

NYFF: Woman with Red Hair (1979)

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In our first dispatch from the New York Film Festival, we ask whether a Nikkatsu pink film measure up to its alleged intellectual ambitions.

The Bat Segundo Show: Alexander Maksik

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In this 30 minute radio interview, novelist Alexander Maksik discusses You Deserve Nothing, his relationship with cities, and how to invent characters who live with a directionless viewpoint.

IKEA’s Billy Bookcase: The Real Story

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Reports of the Billy bookcase’s death are greatly exaggerated. We talk with IKEA to clarify misinformation spread by several news outlets.

Loving (Modern Library #89)

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In the next installment of the Modern Library Reading Challenge, we tackle Loving and find ourselves lapping up Henry Green’s stylistic exactitude like an eight-year-old let loose in a candy store.

The Bat Segundo Show: Alex Shakar

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Can a novelist be prescient about his own health? Does a novelist need to learn how to breathe to finish a book? In this 45 minute radio interview, Luminarium author Alex Shakar discusses these questions and more.

BAMcinématek: Red Desert (1964)

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Antonioni’s first film in color plays BAMcinematek for ten days. What does it have to say about how we live now?

The Bat Segundo Show: Lauren Beukes

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In this 30 minute radio interview, we talk with Arthur C. Clarke Award winner Lauren Beukes about Zoo City, whether or not she rolls on the ground when thinking about a fight scene, and being the “head writer” of your own novel.