Reluctant Habits

The Bat Segundo Show: Susan Cain

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In this 40 minute radio interview, author Susan Cain discusses Quiet, differences between introverts and extroverts, Jung, conformity, Steve Wozniak, Csikszentmihalyi, and the fine line between introversion and misanthropy.

Forgotten Writers: Dorothy Uhnak

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How did a gritty female police officer in New York parlay her talents into multigenerational novels?

Dwight Garner’s Revisionist Ignorance: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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Why is Dwight Garner blaming an author for his failure to understand essential complexities about free expression and Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

Forgotten Writers: The Novels of John P. Marquand

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A detailed essay on John P. Marquand, who specialized in gentle satire, once graced the covers of Time and Newsweek, and reached millions of readers in the early 20th century, before becoming needlessly forgotten.

The Situation in American Waffles

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This 6,000 word document could be the most important American intellectual piece you’ll read in 2012. Taking a cue from a 1939 piece in The Pancake Review, we asked several prominent breakfast experts about The Situation in American Waffles. Their thoughts may alarm you.

The Bat Segundo Show: Elliot Perlman

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In this one hour radio interview, Australian novelist Elliot Perlman discusses The Street Sweeper, holocaust fatigue, memory as a willful dog, confronting emotional reality, and risking emotional sincerity in fiction to share the world.

The Death of the Heart (Modern Library #84)

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In this latest Modern Library Reading Challenge Essay, our intrepid reader discovers how Elizabeth Bowen’s cruelty somehow affirms unanticipated pockets of sanguinity.

The Bat Segundo Show: Thomas Frank

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Bat Segundo returns with a big bang in this jam-packed one hour conversation with Pity the Billionaire author Thomas Frank. With talking points ripped from headlines just in the past few days, the conversation gets into populist politics being co-opted, the tendency of politicians to reinvent history, a neighborhood where half the population has PhDs, NASCAR, Ayn Rand, and Frank’s collection of proletarian fiction.