Reluctant Habits

What Jonathan Franzen Didn’t Include in His New York Times Op-Ed

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“You can’t deconstruct and undress at the same time.” Hatred, trash talking, and more First World problems in Jonathan Franzen’s original speech at Kenyon College.

Review: Puzzle (2009)

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Natalia Smirnoff’s Puzzle is a wonderful behavioral study from Argentina demonstrating that it’s never too late to pursue your idiosyncratic interests.

Solipsism is for Cowards. Go for Full-Fledged Hubris.

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Jonathan Franzen delivers a Very Important Speech. But there’s something more than a little off with his logic.

BEA 2011: Seven Years of Google Books

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Is Google Books as state of the art as its engineering director thinks? Does it enforce an unrealistic vision upon the publishing industry?

BEA 2011: Deadbeat Dorchester Coughs Up Funds for Booth, Won’t Provide Answers

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Having stiffed its writers, Dorchester Publishing is spotted with a BEA booth. They still aren’t talking and they still aren’t paying.

BEA 2011: Interview with Book Country’s Colleen Lindsay

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A conversation with BookCountry’s Community Manager Colleen Lindsay.

BEA 2011 — Michael Moore

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Author and Filmmaker Michael Moore shows up at BookExpo to promote his new book and himself.

BEA 2011: The Future of Ebooks Publishing Executive Panel

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When five big executives come together to discuss the future of ebooks, have they truly considered the customer?

The Bat Segundo Show: Tayari Jones II

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In this 30 minute radio interview, Tayari Jones returns to our program to discuss Silver Sparrow, plucking dialogue from ridiculous ex-boyfriends, and whether a novelist is as bad as a bigamist.

BEA 2011: “The E-Book Era is Now”

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At BookExpo America, helpful data is presented on ebooks. Now if only we can all agree on what a “power buyer” is.

92nd Street Y: Elaine May and Ishtar

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A rare appearance by Elaine May reveals details about Ishtar, May’s early beginnings, and whether the 1987 film will appear on Blu-ray.

Tobacco Road (Modern Library #91)

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In the next 2,000 word installment in the Modern Library Reading Challenge, we tackle Erskine Caldwell’s still controversial Tobacco Road!

Review: Hey, Boo (2010)

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A new hagiographical documentary on Harper Lee offers the finest cinematic aesthetic that 1986 has to offer. But that’s the least of its problems.

The Bat Segundo Show: Daniel Clowes

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In this 45 minute radio interview, Daniel Clowes discusses Mr. Wonderful, illustrating bald spots, depicting eating in visual mediums, and advertising ethics.

BAMcinématek: Hal Ashby

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Hal Ashby’s legacy is in danger of being forgotten. An extensive new BAM retrospective offers an opportunity for reconsideration.

Ironweed (Modern Library #92)

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In the next exciting installment in the Modern Library Reading Challenge, our intrepid reader tackles William Kennedy’s Ironweed!

Review: The Beaver (2011)

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When it comes to neglected narrative subjects, there’s no better figure than the middle-aged white male with disposable income and psychological problems. At least that’s the attitude a regressive moviegoer might have had in 1976.

The Bat Segundo Show: Ross Perlin

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In this one hour radio interview, journalist Ross Perlin discusses Intern Nation, the ongoing exploitation of young people, the decline of labor, and middle-class hypocrisy.