Reluctant Habits

Review: Looper (2012)

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In this review of Rian Johnson’s LOOPER, we describe how the film’s attention to inconclusive detail reveals an unexpected commitment to living.

Cole Stryker (The Bat Segundo Show)

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In this 50 minute radio interview, Cole Stryker discussed Anonymous, hacktivism, the inevitability of ideology, cyberbullying, and the difficulties of investigating a group that doesn’t want to be understood.

Penguin Sues Elizabeth Wurtzel, Ana Marie Cox, and Other Authors Who Can’t Deliver Books

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We report on Penguin’s twelve lawsuits against authors for not delivering manuscripts on time, a legal strategy to squeeze revenue from authors that isn’t out of character.

A.M. Homes (The Bat Segundo Show)

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In this 45 minute radio interview, A.M. Homes returns to our program to discuss Nixon, the burdens of being an outsider, Don DeLillo, how a heap of calamities produces unexpected character dimension, and the quest for narrative identity.

NYFF: Charlie is My Darling

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In this recently restored 1965 documentary, the Rolling Stones have established their raw sexual power, just before the more explicit dissolution has kicked in.

Steve Stern (The Bat Segundo Show)

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In this one hour radio interview, Steve Stern discusses how searching for Jewish heritage in the South led to an unexpected fiction career, Kafka’s “Above the Law,” and how to use Elvis Presley to get revenge.

End of the Bat

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Why I’m ending The Bat Segundo Show before Election Day.

Occupy Wall Street: One Year Later

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My report from the streets on the one year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Lynn Povich (The Bat Segundo Show)

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In this 40 minute radio interview, we talk with Lynn Povich about a 1970 lawsuit against Newsweek that paved the way for women in the workplace and the impact it has had upon gender and newsrooms since.

NYFF: The Savoy King: Chick Webb & The Music That Changed America

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In this first dispatch from the New York Film Festival, we revisit Chick Webb’s legacy in a flawed but engaging documentary.

Katie Roiphe, Cultural Sociopath

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In this 3,000 word essay, we review Katie Roiphe’s latest essay collection and ponder why this third-rate polemicist would rather rust with pride with her reductionist essays.