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You Can’t Be a Good Literary Critic Unless You…

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You can’t be a good literary critic unless you write lists like this.

Review: Super (2010)

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If you are sending up the vigilante comic book genre, are you creating successful satire if you’re upholding the same anti-human values?

Review: Source Code (2011)

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Like a dependable pulp novel kept on the nightstand as dutifully as a gun under the bed, Source Code comes stocked with some unexpected ammunition.

Review: Circo (2010)

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Aaron Schock has largely resisted Fellini’s understandable tendency to reinvent with his striking and quite magical documentary.

The Bat Segundo Show: Michael Crummey

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In this 40 minute radio interview, Canadian novelist Michael Crummey discusses Galore, Newfoundland folklore, and his annoyance (and eventual embrace) with magical realism.

Review: Rubber (2010)

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Rubber is a quite pleasant and deceptively pointless picture about a murderous tire. It may or may not be channeling Beckett.

Review: Potiche (2010)

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Why stick with trophies when you can raise hell and get away with it? A review of Fran├žois Ozon’s latest film.

The Bat Segundo Show: Deb Olin Unferth

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In this 45 minute radio interview, Deb Olin Unferth discusses her memoir Revolution, her notion of the lasting urgency, and a mysterious man who photographed our conversation.

New Directors/New Films: Pariah (2011)

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Since black homophobia is often too easily portrayed as a symptom of race rather than a symptom of class, it’s a relief that writer-director Dee Rees has arrived to investigate the matter.

New Directors/New Films: Curling (2010)

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Having not curled in any meaningful capacity outside of the boudoir, I can safely report that Curling‘s curling moments did fill me with the sense that I had missed something.

The Bat Segundo Show: TC Boyle IV

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In this 45 minute radio alternative, novelist TC Boyle returns a fourth time to discuss When the Killing’s Done and offer gleefully pessimistic pronouncements about the world.

Review: Win Win (2011)

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Thomas McCarthy’s Win Win is more feel-good propaganda than respectable entertainment.

New Directors/New Films: At Ellen’s Age (2010)

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Pia Marais’s At Ellen’s Age doesn’t quite have the philosophical heft to raise vital questions about society’s responsibility for the Other.

New Directors/New Films: Happy, Happy (2010)

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The best thing about Anne Sewitsky’s comedy is Agnes Kittelsen, whose bright eyes bounce around with so much life that you figure she’s angling to become Norway’s answer to Amy Adams.

New Directors/New Films: Margin Call (2011)

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Margin Call takes place during one very dark night in 2008 and has a surprisingly nuanced portrait buried beneath its zesty dramatic intrigue.

Review: Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

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Battle: Los Angeles makes Roland Emmerich look like Aeschylus and Battlefield Earth look like Kitchen Sink realism.

Jane Eyre (1990 : 2011 :: Reality : Film Adaptation)

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This 3,000 word personal essay covers more than two decades of one man’s relationship to Jane Eyre, from reading the book in high school to the latest film adaptation.

The Bat Segundo Show: Insulted by Authors

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In this 30 minute radio interview, Insulted by Authors proprietor Bill Ryan discusses the celebrity-industrial complex and why authors recoil from insulting the reader when asked to do so.

A Hasty Response to The Late American Novel

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A review written in 20 minutes shortly after reading Jeff Martin and C. Max Magee’s anthology, The Late American Novel.

The Bat Segundo Show: Aminatta Forna

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In this 45 minute radio interview, author Aminatta Forna discusses The Memory of Love, Sierra Leone, getting arrested, and how injuries lead to creative inspiration.