Reluctant Habits

Rebels (FYE #5)

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The rebel. You’d think that a culture that gave us John Brown, Margaret Sanger, and Rosa Parks would be more encouraging of this proud American tradition. This week we examine why rebels get the short end of the stick.

Why The Onion Must Be Held Accountable for Its Vile Tweet

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On Sunday night, The Onion broke the rules of edgy comedy. Why then isn’t the magazine coming to terms with its mistake?

How Should an Essayist Write?

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Adam Kirsch recently argued that recent essays should not be called essays. But can he accurately read the motivations of essayists? And is he living in the right century?

Aid (FYE #4)

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In this week’s episode of Follow Your Ears, we examine aid. We go to Staten Island to talk with the organizers and volunteers of Occupy Sandy to find out how they helped people when others could not and get a sense of their philosophy. We talk with Jonathan Katz, the only full-time American journalist stationed in Hatii during the 2010 earthquake.

Cycles (FYE #3)

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In this week’s episode of Follow Your Ears, we examine cycles. Are our lives and our culture locked within cycles? Are we aware of it? Is there a certain folly in paying too much attention? Our quest takes us to bike shop owners, Joyce enthusiasts, a conversation with Ian Rankin, and a remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark.