Reluctant Habits

The Bat Segundo Show: Yiyun Li

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In this 45 minute radio interview, recent MacArthur fellow Yiyun Li discusses her new collection, Gold Boy, Emerald Girl and the music within her head.

Review: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (2009)

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The third film in the Millennium trilogy doesn’t quite live up to its two predecessors.

The Bat Segundo Show: David Rakoff II

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In this one hour radio interview, Half Empty author David Rakoff and Our Correspondent hide from robocalls, look up “vitiate” in the dictionary, and assign various forms of depression and optimism to each other.

The Bat Segundo Show: Andrew Ervin

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In this 40 minute radio interview, Extraordinary Renditions author Andrew Ervin spends a needless amount of time discussing freedom. There are also inappropriate jokes.

The Bat Segundo Show: Neal Pollack II

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In this candid 30 minute radio interview, Neal Pollack discusses his new book, Stretch, whether or not yoga can tame the inner beast, and the difficulties of being a writer in transition.

Hate Mail Dramatic Reading Project #11

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The latest installment in my ongoing Hate Mail Dramatic Reading Project, read in the style of Carl Paladino. Sort of. Well, not really.

Why Devin Faraci is Unfit to Practice Journalism

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A thorough explanation on why Devin Faraci is unfit to practice journalism and why the recently launched Badass Digest isn’t worth your time.

The Most Clueless Political Candidate of the Century

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A transcript from a debate between Chris Coons and Christine O’Donnell leaves one pondering present political standards.

Zadie Smith: The Literary Material Girl

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There are many unpardonable qualities within Zadie Smith’s recent New Yorker confessional, which should bother anyone who has even a shred of empathy for anyone making less than $50,000 a year.

The Bat Segundo Show: Joe Dante

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In this frank 25 minute radio interview, director Joe Dante discusses The Hole, the problems with creative control, 3-D, Mario Bava, the Hollywood system, and surviving as an independent director.

The Bat Segundo Show: Matthew Sharpe II

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In this 40 minute radio interview, novelist Matthew Sharpe discusses wild improvisation and what led him to hit a character in the head with a pool cue.

NYFF: Another Year

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It is a ubiquitous truth that distinctive art often polarizes. But Mike Leigh’s films often cause some of the more catholic critics to reveal their unadventurous sensibilities.

NYFF: Hereafter

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It seems inconceivable that Clint Eastwood would direct a film that uses the facile falsehood of psychic ability to drive its story, and that Peter Morgan (Peter Morgan! The man behind Frost/Nixon!) would write the screenplay.

The Emails They Downloaded

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First the unemployed Jimmy Cross downloaded emails from a girl named Martha, a dropout at Mount Sebastian College in New Jersey. They were not tweets, but Jimmy Cross was hoping that he and Martha would be Facebook friends and follow each other on Twitter, so he kept Martha’s emails in his inbox and made sure they were copied to his iPhone. She did not return his emails. In the late afternoon, after a day’s laze, he would send text messages to Martha, wash his hands in the sink with unclean…read more

NYFF: Old Cats

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If you’re making a film featuring an older woman with a middle-aged narcissistic daughter who enjoys snorting up coke in her mother’s bathroom, then a little perspective is in order.

NYFF: Foreign Parts

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A documentary that concerns itself with the outskirts of life has the obligation to make more concrete connections to its privileged audience.