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In Defense of Jaume Collet-Serra

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In which it is posited that Jaume Collet-Serra may be another John Frankenheimer in the making, with visual examples from his films.

The Bad Prose Reading Project #1 (“Disinterested Thrusting”)

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The first installment of The Bad Prose Reading Project features the phrase “disinterested thrusting” and runs two minutes and 12 seconds.

Review: Of Gods and Men (2010)

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Xavier Beuavois’s Grand Prix-winning film looks beautiful, but is technical recreation the best way to capture the Trappist monastic experience?

The Sheltering Sky (Modern Library #97)

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“When I read about spoiled Americans who abscond with common sense, I have zero sympathy. ” The next exciting installment in the Modern Library Reading Challenge!

The Bat Segundo Show: Adrian Tomine

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In this very special one hour interview, graphic novelist Adrian Tomine discusses Scenes from an Impending Marriage, the intersection between private art and public art, illustrating for The New Yorker, and contending with a nitpicking audience.

List of Independent Alternatives to Closed Borders Bookstores

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A response to the Borders bankruptcy, with a lengthy list of independent bookstore alternatives for the 200 closed Borders locations.

The Bat Segundo Show: Eduardo Porter

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In this 35 minute radio interview, author Eduardo Porter discusses The Price of Everything. Is a belief in prices a religious faith? And what of the neoliberal blind spots?

Review: We Are What We Are (2010)

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Forget the crass men with the moneybags. Jorge Michel Grau’s moody We Are What We Are offers an unexpected alternative route for the cannibal movie’s future.

The Bat Segundo Show: Toby Ball

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In this 40 minute radio interview, novelist Toby Ball discusses The Vaults, Germanic influence, and is interrupted by two inquisitive children approaching the table and asking about the mikes.

Review: Certifiably Jonathan (2007)

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Jonathan Winters has an inviting interstate of a pure American face and is a first-rate comedian. But does this mockumentary cut the mustard?

The Bat Segundo Show: Karen Russell

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In this 40 minute radio interview, Swamplandia! author Karen Russell discusses how fiction emerges from myths, Borgesian library boats, and whether or not she tortures her characters.

The Postman Always Rings Twice (Modern Library #98)

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After reading Postman for the third time, I’m now wondering who Frank Chambers will be when I read him fifteen years from now.

The Bat Segundo Show: Jessie Sholl

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Do you forgive your mother? In this 30 minute radio interview, Dirty Secret author Jessie Sholl bravely discusses living as the daughter of a compulsive hoarder.