#2: more drinks

One shot of Wild Turkey.

And then I tried out a combination of bourbon, sweet vermouth and Coke. I don’t recommend this. It’s a mix only slightly more repellent than the Hangman’s Blood. So now I’m on Bailey’s for a while. Bailey’s — that port in the storm when you don’t want to wimp out with a yuppie drink like a white wine spritzer, but you can’t handle straight shots.

I’m at a loss as to what to write about, but will happily take requests. Your thoughts?


  1. You could drunk-dial a famous, self-important windbag and post an audio file. Do it. I know you’re checking for comments.

  2. You could discuss the pros and cons of stuffing a turkey or if not turkey, what? Does ham suffice? Perhaps, you could go with a goose. A friend of mine once thought that she was cooking a turkey but found that it was really a goose in her oven. No one ever found out how that happened. It’s a mystery that has haunted all of us who were witnesses to that event. As I recall, my friend did stuff the turkey which became a goose.

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