Open Source Characters?

As Lee Goldberg has discovered, some of these fan fiction writers don’t get it. Witness this ironic and clueless disclaimer (although the “warning” not to steal characters which Goldberg cites has been removed).

Since Shadow of the Wolf thinks nothing of stealing other people’s characters, here is my attempt at fan fiction in the style and voice of the Shadow of the Wolf characters. My “fan fiction” of “fan fiction,” if you will. You may call it “stealing,” but you’re probably right:

“You were just fucking her brains out, then?” Erik asked.

“Yes,” Alain replied longly. “Mom sucks cock better than you.” The seventeen-year-old took off the remainder of the mess of the five-minute fuck that he had completed with great care.

“After I fucked you? Taught you everything you know?”

“You knew this would happen one day. It happens in all families. The first time it happened, mom showed me the way. Where were you? A child grows up and leaves home and sometimes comes back again.”

Both men had hot tempers right now at this moment and maybe today as you’re reading this they were doing their best to keep them under control. Alain was going to leave the safety of the rat-infested studio apartment to venture out on his own and try to launching a house of opera. Because he was seventeen and because he was growing tired of fucking his parents. The two had fought and fucked over Alain’s profound decision for many days. Erik refused to leave his apartment and Alain accused him of getting bored easily. This struck three chords with Erik and he was backed off by the powerful thrust of his hand immediately, not saying nothing more much about it. Alain knew that he had fucked his father and that he might fuck him again, but was too proud to apologize for it. Perhaps he would fuck his mother again. His past and his face and his half-erect cock prevented him from completing his thought. Alain did not have a half-erect cock. In fact, now that I think about it, he did not have a cock at all and was only borrowing Lucrezia’s strap-on so that he might fuck Erik if he got bored with fucking his mother or this unspecified moaning human he was just finishing up with right now. Or was that actually mom? Or grandma?

“You’re my child!!!!!!!!”

“I’m not a child! I just prefer fucking mom” said Alain gigantically, watching his cock rise upwards and long as he pondered another dip into Mom’s honey.

Erik watched as his son fucked his wife again. Perhaps if Alain started a house of opera, there could be many grounds for divorce!



  1. Ooohhh…Ed…you really taught that 18-year old fanficer a lesson…you’re my hero!

  2. Yeh, okay, whatever. Doesn’t bother me now. People can use characters of mine if they like, without my permission. But you still gave me credit for them just like I do with other people.

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