1. I would point out that I seconded the recommendation, and this makes you, technically, the third voice praising Bobby.

    Unless you believe in some sort of blogger/commenter social hierarchy that makes your opinion important and mine merely ancillary. In that case, you are the second, and I will go back to being oppressed.

  2. Boys, can we stop bickering please? Instead, why not expend this energy commenting on my copious brilliance and physical beauty? Wouldn’t that be more fun?

  3. You’re right. My comments were, in that they in no way addressed the brilliance and physical beauty of Erin O’Brien, were way out of line. I would like to very sincerely apologize to Erin O’Brien, and also, I guess our president, maybe. We really need to get beyond blame gaming, and the politics of personal destruction.

    Also, I have a blog.

  4. Though I think what with the death of Jerry Falwell it would be best if we collectively decided to stifle any coarse physical compulsions—and perhaps all appetitive urges except, like Falwell, plates of breaded, fried cheese*—I suppose since Nick seems to have phrased that as a command rather than a suggestion, we have no choice.

    *This is an assumption. Perhaps he just had a really slow metabolism**.

    **And a membership in some sort of pork of the month club.

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