Here in California, we get to vote on the Devil’s Day, which is only fitting given the number of Democratic dunderheads running for various offices. For example, for the Attorney General’s race, do you want Jerry Brown, the Democratic answer to Alberto Gonzales, or the inexperienced Rocky Delgadillo, who tells us on his website, “My parents named me Rocky for a reason” and doesn’t even offer us a platform, much less a concrete plan of action? Can you really stomach voting for Dianne Feinstein again, the Waffling Queen, as the incumbent Democratic senatorial candidate? Well, there’s always New Age nutcase Colleen Fernald, who lists “organic victory gardens as one of her key U.S. “governmental issue.” (I don’t know what’s more frightening. The batty notion of an “organic victory garden” or the amalgam of the name Orwell gave to Oceania’s cigarettes with “organic.”)

In the end, I’ve decided to vote half-freaks and half-hopelessly corrupt incumbents. It’s the only way I can corral pragmatism with quirkiness. I don’t feel good about it either way. And I’m going to need a cold shower when this is all over. Really, Democrats, is this the best that you can do?

Oh well, at least I can get behind Phil Angelides.

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