A Convenient Deification?

To remain au courant and (presumably) a good liberal, I will likely see An Inconvenient Truth sometime this weekend, but Film Threat‘s Phil Hall echoes some of my own reservations about the possible solipsism involved: “Yes, the man who (in his words) used to be the next President of the United States is now on the big screen in this self-serving slop where he hosts a slide show lecture on how global warming occurs and what it is doing to the planet. Looking like a corpulent Zeppo Marx and displaying all of the lethargic personality that repeatedly underwhelmed the American voters, Gore’s lecture is among the least riveting stand-up routines to play the lecture circuit. If that’s not bad enough, all of the facts presented in this lecture have been reported widely before and there is not one iota of new information in this offering.”

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  1. Ahhhh, sounds good right about this time of the morning…

    Oh sorry, I thought you said “A Convenient Defecation.”

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