A Tuesday of Biblical Proportions

This is something to be saved for tonight’s National Drunk Writing Night, but this year, the propositions in California scare the hell out of me. It is not so much the language which is terrifying and also amusing, in much the same way that the Book of Revelations is. No, what scares me is that these propositions may, in fact, pass. I’ll remark on all this nonsense after a few drinks.

For now, I’ll just say that I saw Sedge Thompson in action at the Booksmith this morning and the man is good. While I appeared to be one of the youngest people there (why do live radio shows along these lines almost never attract people under 40?), it was interesting to see Thompson work live. Imagine if someone, through some miracle, managed to extract the stick permanently wedged up Garrison Keillor’s ass and you have some idea about what makes Thompson work. It’s safe to say that West Coast Live will never present anything close to irreverence, but as innocuous, wry and laidback shows goes, it ain’t bad.

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