Ad Hominem Fiesta!

Heya kids. It’s time to tear Edward Champion a new one! If you have any choice words that you’d like to offer me, I will happily display them on the sidebar for all to see! Feel free to tell me how lame-brained and mentally challenged I am and I’ll proudly add you to the list of luminaries on the sidebar. Go for it, folks. Knock yourself out!


  1. Bill: Nah. I count on regular readers to be in a better position to tear me down. Goodness knows I’m just as mystified by the notion that my opinions here carries any cachet at all.

  2. My only complaint. I don’t like the way your podcasts are tagged. Please tag them this way: “BSS #58: A.M. Homes.” That makes them easier to browse on my iPod. Thank ya very much.

  3. If any part of Edward Champion’s name ever enters the popular lexicon, it will surely be a synonym for “loser.”

  4. Mel Gibson: I’m sorry, sir, but you didn’t read the rules! Only negative insults will be posted to the sidebar! Please try again.

    blah: We need a name, not anonymity!

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