Ahoy, Maties! The German Street Economy is a Tad Too Vigilant!

Variety: “Germany’s upper house of parliament on Friday approved a controversial copyright law, which makes it all but illegal for individuals to make copies of films and music, even for their own use. The Bundesrat pushed aside criticism from consumer protection groups and passed the law, which makes it illegal for anyone to store DVDs and CDs without permission. The law also covers digital copies from IPTV and TV broadcasts. “


  1. Interesting…Doesn’t a German company own 3/4 of the US publishing houses? And what about the parent companies of some of those film studios? Do you think this kind of copyright shock-tactics could be next for the US?
    And this little tidbit nudges the news towards conspiracy:
    “The Pirate Bay files charges against Media Companies”

  2. When he goes on OLTL, I just hope Timbaland can stop Dorian from getting her hooks into Clint. And if he would let Marcie and Michael keep the baby even if it is Todd’s by that woman who tried to kill him. Also, he should tell Rex to stop bleaching his hair. That’s all I ask.

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