1. What strikes me is how either clueless or disengenuous Wolf and the other CNN panel members are. They seem to think he’d naturally wish to apologize; after all, he’s a Democrat. Only Republicans get to talk about the other side creating “death panels” or “pulling the plug on grandma” without apology. After all, Democrats think they’re having a discussion; Republicans know they’re having a fight.

  2. The truth is that our health care plans are not working for us and the insurance companies are screwing us left and right. The Republican lawmakers are taking the insurance companies’ money (which originally came from us) and sticking a knife in our backs. That’s going to cost them in the end.

  3. hurray hurray someone is telling the truth. the republicans and a few democrats will unfortunately prevail and the plan will be bogus. shame on Wolf…is he that clueless? he needs to watch the rachel maddow show or even john stewart to get his news.

    dr marc a blais

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