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I’ve now been awake for almost twenty-one hours straight, and I just got back from Chicago (public apology to OGIC: the flight got delayed, I wrote down your number wrong, and I plan to plunge my head in a vat of boiling water when either an abundance of spare time or inveterate idiocy comes my way). Managed to squeeze in a Ferris Bueller moment at the top of the Sears Tower (which involved suffering through a Chicago propaganda film before getting access to the elevator) and salivated like crazy over all the incredible art deco in the limited time I had. And, damn, those grand el platforms are something. There were also two fantastic modular towers that resembled lint rollers from above right by the Sun-Times building. Looking at the grid, I now understand more fully what Jane Jacobs was talking about.

Also, Lake Michigan is a bigass lake. That much is ostensible from all known topographical diagrams, but once you’re standing on the edge of the East Side as the sun comes up, this majestic body of water becomes suitably imposing — more so than Lake Tahoe’s pristine beauty. Must return to Chicago soon with more time to check out the town. It’s a gorgeous city. The people are nice. I only encountered one angry person at O’Hare when I purchased a postcard.

Thanks all for the kind emails, which I’ll try to reply to, but I’ve got a deadline for yet another review tomorrow. As the less-than-two-weeks-before-opening clock ticks down, work on Wrestling continues. But we’re in damn good shape.

I understand from our stage manager that the postcards have come in and they look fab. Haven’t seen them yet, but I have a limited supply to mail. If you’re interested, drop me an email.

Will try to check in before our first show, but looking doubtful. Thanks to all the amazing Superfriends for filling in.

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