All Signs Point to Lunatic

The Cool as Hell Theatre Podcast talks with a man named “Rex Reginald” who claims to be the author of a book called The Party Crashers. Apparently, Mr. Reginald claims that the producers of the film The Wedding Crashers ripped off his book. But here’s the interesting thing: There’s no trace of any book authored by Rex Reginald at either the Library of Congress or ISBN. In fact, the only book named The Party Crashers is a novel written by Stephanie Bond. Reginald claims in Rice’s podcast that he’s involved in a major lawsuit against unidentified producers and studios, that he’s about to get paid big money to buy a mansion. Perhaps he might want to consider investing this cash in a publicist who might be able to plug his nonexistent book.


  1. I’ll take the other angle, and say how more genius can you be to one up a gate crasher / plagiarist than faking the ownership of any possible source material.
    costanza: it’s not a lie if you believe it.

  2. Rex is the real deal. He will win and prevail. He is NOT a lunatic. I can’t wait for this all to go down. He is the real deal and not motivated by money, He is about justice and protecting animals who can’t protect themselves. I wish him the luck in the worls.

  3. Dude is a sad tale. This guy will talk your head off about how important he is, but he is really nothing more than a fast talking name dropper. Stear clear!

  4. Stear way clear of this guy and the string of broke cracker jack attorneys that he gets to do his bidding. He makes a living off a filing frivolous lawsuits with outlandish clamis and scrapes off a couple hundred bucks here and there. He gets in car “accidents” to sue other peoples insurances. He leases houses then rents rooms out to unsuspecting people and immediately begins an eviction process on them which he then hides and steal the paperwork so that they don’t know what is happening until the sheriff comes to lock them out. He is syphilitic and has terrible hygeine. I wouldn’t let my enemies coakroaches hang out with this guy. STAY AWAY, or you’ll regret it. (Karlid- you’re an idiot.)

  5. The above lies and stupid comments above was blogged by a mental case roommate whom contacted us through Craig’s List.
    He threatened to kill everyone in the house so 14 LAPD cops came with their guns out and took him to a jail for mental cases.

  6. I still have a copy of the original handbook I got from Hutchy in Calgary in the late 70’s. Rex is telling the truth all you naysayers!

  7. Rex Reginald has been a great friend for 14 years. He is good to people and animals. He saves animals from the shelter and finds homes for them.

  8. I am a childhood friend of rex Reginald. The lawsuit was real. new line cinema copied his idea from party crashers and turned it into the movie wedding crashers.

  9. I have known Rex Reginald for many years and knew his wonderful parents too!

    I worked with Rex closely and associated with him for more than 10 years on a daily basis , and I can attest to the fact that he wrote “The Party Crashers HandBook and later the Party Crashers Script.
    I was there and contributed some info. for these pronects too. Rex was ripped off big time and nothing will ever change that fact!
    For those of you who have trouble dealing with the truth, I suggest you go fuck yourselves as Rex is telling the truth about being ripped off.!
    Hope you’re well Rex..

  10. Hi Richard Garcia. Rex was not a good boyfriend to me but he did turn me on to being a vegetarian which I still am and involved in anti-vivisection. I use to crash parties with Rex and go to endless meetings. I remember paying for the reversable waiter/valet jacket. When I saw the movie Wedding Crashers I knew they ripped him off. Just like I was ripped off, honestly for the song 4 Minutes.

  11. Hi

    He came to Europe sometime in the early 70’s I met him in St Tropez I found him an entertaining fantasist, he was nuts then. I went to LA a year or so later and met his Dad. His Dad was a nice straight up guy. At that time he was renting a house supposedly from Michael DuPont. He also claimed to be a friend of Barry Hilton.

  12. Rex Reginald is a 100% honest and great person. He managed his own properties and other peoples properties in Hollywood Hills. Part of his job was to evict several people for non-payment of rent. Any nasty post regarding Rex is from tenants who couldn’t pay the rent.

    Queenie was done by a notorious homophobic crack head named John Barsky. He has a lengthy criminal record and writes for a tiny web page named Experience Magazine.
    He is a fake journalist and a party crasher who steals from parties.

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