An Apology

There are numerous spelling mistakes on these pages — all of them inexcusable, all of them correctable. Just not now. Because time to care for an outside project does not exist in a workplace environment. For those who have been sullied, and the frequency is apparently substantial, not quite as bad as that Knowles guy, but still enough for some of you to plot my demise, the management apologizes. Just be grateful this wasn’t put into print, the way McSweeney’s books are with slipshod proofing. This is what happens when you type at a rapid rate, generally trying to get something off before being disrupted by something else, and all this without a single revision. Several small children will die because of these mistakes. I am prepared to stand trial in a bulletproof chamber for my sins against humanity.


  1. As I think about it, I come to this feeling that there really are only two kinds of writers: Those that would USE “irregardless” and its ilk of pseudo ten cent words, and those that don’t.

    By the way, I’m predicting a big comeback for the word “bereft” this year. Big comeback.

  2. I would never ever use the word “irregardless.” In fact, I came close to being fired because of attempting to explain why that word was incorrect. šŸ™‚

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