An Aqua Dots Conspiracy?

There are reports now circulating that Aqua Dots, a toy manufactured in china, contain a chemical that converts into a date rape drug. This has caused Aqua Dots to be recalled. But Josh Glenn is having none of this. He believes that the story here is too neat and that there is something fishy going on. Is this a clever marketing ploy designed to raise attention for Aqua Dots? And will eBay become a drug trafficking site for those hoping to purchase recalled Aqua Dots and extract the coating for diabolical use in social situations? (Come to think of it, I’m now wondering just how much of eBay is devoted to drug trafficking. Gives the buyer rating a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?)


  1. I totally agree! watch how fast the recalled aqua dots fly from ebay, to homes that dont even have children.

  2. I heard about Aqua Dots few day before the recall from my friend. The teacher at her elementary school had one of her three children hospitalazed after she swalloved several ADots. She said they looked like candy. The major risk is for the families with older kids (who obviously don’t eat toys anymore), who has yonger siblings. From what I heard the child started throwing up and lost consciousness for 7 hours. That is scary.
    As for e-bay – there will be a lot of shippments from China ;o)

  3. Intestingly enough, everyone has pulled anything to do with AquaDots from their sites. No one is informing those of us who HAVE Aqua Dots sets on what to do. I don’t want to blow the money and just pitch the set, I want to make this POS company who made this crap feel the burn by returning it. I want everyone to return theirs and send these idiots down. I have search all the major sites and no one is saying anything.

  4. these things really work! my friend daid gave me a handful of ‘aquas’ the other day and i woke up with a bloody ass

  5. these things really work! my buddy DAVID gave me a handful of ‘aquas’ the other night and i woke up the next day with a bloody ass.

  6. this is ridiculous. A “date rape drug?” we can see the DEA-hype all over this shit. GBL (what’s actually on the dots, not in them) isn’t something that can be added to drinks without someone realizing it. It tastes like absolute, whereas true GHB tastes really salty.

    Anyway, the Gamma-Hydroxy-Butyrate derivatives like GHB, GHV, GBL, 1,4-Butanediol, etc have only very rarely been used as date rape drugs.

    The real date rape drug is Alcohol- plain and simple. 99% of all drug-related date rapes involve the use of alcohol and nothing else. Nothing else.

    The “original” date rape drug of modern consciousness is Rohypnol or Flunitrazepam. It’s related to Valium, Xanax and LIbrium. Xanax or Klonopin make far better “date rape drugs” because they have less taste (Klonopin actually tastes like mint) and are both fast acting and strongly amnesic.

    I just don’t buy all this retarded “date rape” hype because it just happens so rarely. If the DEA really wanted to curb date rapes they ban alcohol.

    Oh wait, that didn’t work.

  7. Well, in my Teen choices class we were learning about drugs and stuff and this kid brought up aqua dots and stuff and we all just started talking about it and i immediatly googled it and here i am.. and i think that if the people who made AD’s knew about what they were puting in them, why even do it. think about it.. little kids put almost EVERYTHING in their mouths.. some people are just stupid

  8. I think that you shouldn’t use that stuff, i mean comon people is drugs worth dieing and/or going to jail? My dad did drugs and now he’s in jail. Why would you ever put a dug in a kids toy. You’r killen little kids.

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