An Early Finalist for the 2010 Bad Sex Award?

The following passage is from a forthcoming novel:

A navigational beacon in ___’s black Levi’s, a long-dormant transmitter buried by a more advanced civilization, was sparking back to life. Where he ought to have felt guilt, he instead was getting hard. Oh, the clairvoyance of the dick: it could see the future in a heartbeat, leaving the brain to play catch-up and find the necessary route from occluded present to preordained outcome.

Can you name the author?


  1. I cannot name the author but I’m pretty sure “Oh, the clairvoyance of the dick” will be the title of my autobiography.

  2. I think it’s between Bret Easton Ellis and Rick Moody. Black Levi’s? I pick Ellis.

  3. I’m gonna go off the board:

    Richard Powers
    Richard Ford
    Russell Banks (a previous nominee)

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