An Elegy for Listening

Washington Post: “Even at this accelerated pace, though, the fiddler’s movements remain fluid and graceful; he seems so apart from his audience — unseen, unheard, otherworldly — that you find yourself thinking that he’s not really there. A ghost. Only then do you see it: He is the one who is real. They are the ghosts.”

RELATED: Grimes Poznikov: “In 1987, after being ticketed by the police for playing his trumpet 13 decibels above the legal sound limit, Mr. Poznikov quit his act, moved out of his rented apartment and began sleeping in the streets. He stayed with friends from time to time — particularly his off-and-on girlfriend, Susan ‘Harmony’ Tanner — but the freedom of the outdoors always pulled him back to the sidewalk, he told a reporter last December.”

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