An Open Note to Tipsters

I didn’t get this nonsense in my email (although this doesn’t necessarily mean that I didn’t get it, if you know what I mean). Out of general principle, I refuse to publicize this piece of news. I am not your puppet. I am not your tool. I am not your dancing little monkey. What Orthofer said.

If you send me a tip, I’ll be damned if I’m going to subscribe to your unilateral way of conducting journalism. (Can I keep confidential information? You bet. But that isn’t necessarily going to stop me from confirming something with another source.) I’ll report (or not) in the manner that I find appropriate. And if that means taking two hours or two months or two years to investigate or think about something (what, you didn’t actually think that I had stopped investigating subjects broached on these pages from years ago, did you?), so be it. If this isn’t the way that the New York Times does business, then it certainly isn’t the way that I conduct business.

This is what I suggest: a united stand. If you received the information, don’t report it. Let them know that bullshit embargoes are not the way to build a positive and lasting relationship.

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