Andrew Franklin Is My New Hero

Publisher’s News UK: “[Profile Books Publisher Andrew] Franklin made the point almost as an aside at last months SYP meeting. ‘I think its despicable to try and pay anybody less than the minimum wage,’ Franklin told PN later. ‘Salaries at the top of publishing are not too bad now, and, when people are paying themselves more than 100,000 a year, its awful that they would try to pay people less than 150 a week.’ He also attacked the systems effect on publishing recruitment, saying, ‘its like the debate about tuition fees: it creates a barrier to entry, and people whose parents cant afford to support them cant go into publishing. Thats why you have so many people in publishing with names like Rowena and Belinda.’ Profile never pays less than the minimum wage.”

Rest assured, I’ll be buying some Profile titles as soon as possible. (via Publisher’s Lunch)

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