Another Anthony Burgess Interview

Don Swaim, a man who has interviewed a considerable number of authors, managed to talk with Burgess in 1985. It appears the entire recording, including Burgess sitting down in his chair and reciting a bit of French just before meeting up with Swaim, is available online.

A sample.

Q: You infuriated a good deal of people with your 99 novels list.
A: (calmly) Yes, that was the intention.

(There are also interviews with Isaac Asimov, Jimmy Breslin, Wlliam Burroughs, Dorris Lessing, Donald Westlake and Sloan Wilson.

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  1. The most entertaining interview on Swaim’s site (which includes dozens of writers besides those mentioned) is the one with James Purdy – not so much for what Purdy says as the way he says it, since he sounds a lot like Paul Lynde – maybe for a reason, since they grew up a few dozen miles apart in Ohio around the same time.

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