1. Noooooooo! My favorite, favorite store in Berkeley on Shattuck. Absolute favorite. The creaky wood floors, the excellent used selection. Oh, my heart is breaking. Might have to head up there for one last visit…although that might be even worse.

    I really can’t accept all these closings — its, just, madness. Unacceptable madness. But I guess that’s what america is all about, the pursuit of lots of food and lots of television and sitting around on lazy duffs and can’t be bothered to read a book that hasn’t been endorsed by Oprah. F*#*!

  2. I dunno. I wondered why the hell they were expanding to SF when things were tough for bookstores everywhere, and the SF store has always been lame. It started out half empty and never really seemed to get going.

    I was sorry when Clean Well Lighted closed, but most of the bookstores in SF just suck. Did you hear that Booksmith? Ugh. Bunch of jerks who can’t be bothered to answer questions. I’m no worse off with amazon.com than I am with most of the local bookstores.

  3. Ah, shit! Yeah, they’re snobs who demand your bag at the door. But I don’t want them to close.

    Decreased foot traffic? Friends, I work in that area. It’s mobbed with Berkeley elite. Mobbed!

    Time to start drinking.

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