Answering the Question: Whatever Happened to Wayne Shannon?

In September, I cited 1980s KRON commentator Wayne Shannon as an example of how the Web fails to catalog certain pieces of information. This morning, to my great surprise, Wayne Shannon, who is still alive, left the following comment:

Hi Edward:

Wayne Shannon here. About once a year I get on the web and type in my name and see what I do/do not get.

And there you were. Thanks for remembering me at all, web failure or not.

My privacy continues to be paramount in my life, so, unfortunately, the email address above no longer exists. Sorry about that, but I’m not inclined to divulge the one I use these days.

Actually, Herb Dudnick did NOT try and cut a new deal with me vis a vis KRON. I was out, and that was all there was to it. Luckily, I sensed it the instant he showed up and had the CNBC gig in the works when the hammer fell.

I’m told “Shannon: What’s It All Mean?” is available on E-Bay and/or — but only as a trinket for the curious, and has no connection with me anymore.

If you’re genuinely curious about me though, I would eventually go on and get a Masters and teach Journalism, writing, mostly, but would retire from that, too.

I’m up in the Pacific Northwest now, and much enjoy being unknown.

Have written a new book called “The Golden Toe of the Appaloosa,” inspired by events that happened when I was in high school in Washington State in the mid 60s, which an agent in SF (Elizabeth Pomada) is looking at now, but it will probably amount to nothing more than I did.

The attitude one has after a lifetime of fantastic low self-esteem. Some people are surprised to know that, but not anyone who knows/knew me.

Again, thank you for recalling me with relative kindness.


Thank you, Mr. Shannon, for taking the time to respond. And if your book happens, the folks at The Bat Segundo Show would be happy to talk with you.


  1. Wow!! I just happened to Google Wayne Shannon’s name, and here ’tis. I still have my copy of “What’s It All Mean?” and refer to it at times when I feel the need for a chuckle. It is one of the books in my library that will never be lent out, for fear of losing it. I did my best to tune in KRON just to hear his commentary and felt a great sense of loss when he left. How great it is to know he’s still around.

    What a marvelous wit, consistently coming up with highly original, humorous bons mots. My favorite which I’ve copied for my wife and daughter, both English teachers, for use in their classes, is the Nov. 10, ’83 commentary, “The Wordman of Alcatraz”. To me he has always been the reincarnation of Will Rogers

    I would be honored to hear from him.

  2. Hi Wayne if you’re reading this. Hope all is well with you. I knew you and did Alex Bennett’s radio show with you when I was living in San Francisco and was a star in 3 area codes. If you read this I just wanted to say hi and I’m glad you’re alive and well. For what it’s worth I’ve been in Los Angeles for the last 20 years doing a little of this and a little of that. Drop me a line sometime, big boy and if I ever get to the Pacific Northwest maybe we can catch a Fabian concert or something.
    – Stevie Ray Charles In Charge Pearl Jr. lll

  3. Wayne if you read this I will never forget your piece on “Manure Man” from Guerneville. You opined about how an anonymous man covered four city blocks of downtown Santa Rosa with cow manure from a broadcast manure spreader. I also had the one word quote from the siege of Bastogne “Nuts” emblazoned on my tractor ;0). You said wherever you are small minds think alike! I hope you are well. Any chance of getting a copy of your KRON piece? I look forward to your book.

  4. Sunday, 30 March 2008

    Wow… I still can’t believe so many people remember me, and well… when I don’t hardly at all… Steven Pearl/an riot… No book yet. W-Bo

  5. Hey Wayne,

    I am 56 and was raising my family up in Humboldt County when you were on down in the Bay Area. We had your station fed up to that area and I absolutely loved you. I vaguely remember one segment when you had what looked to be a little “stage-fright”. I recently heard that Donny Osmond got so terrified of appearing in front of people that he got physically sick. He finally got over it when, as he says, he realized that he didn’t have to be perfect. I lived up in Vancouver, WA for about 5 years and loved that area…maybe close to where you are. I am currently in Utah…we, the world, could use some of your humor…ever thought of trying out at KSL..??? If you are ever down this way…drop me an e-mail…we have a large house with two spare guest bedrooms…my wife and I would love to show you around the area. (

  6. Hi Wayne,
    Not sure if you’ll ever see this but I want to say thanks again for the laughs on KRON back when I still lived in the south bay. I was thumbing through my autographed copy of your book that I picked up when I ran across you signing copies outside of a B. Dalton in East San Jose. I’ve been gone from the area since soon after Carly Fiorina started her reign of terror at HP right before 9/11 ironically. I had to Google your name to see what had become of you, glad to read you’re enjoying life. Best of everything to you.

  7. Wayne and I were friends for a long time and I have lost him. His efforts at anonymity are very successful. About once every six months, I try again. This is the closest I have come to locating him. If he reads this and will tell me where to look, we’ll connect, Bogerd, here.

  8. hey wayne, its nice to know more about my uncle! and I’m excited to reasarch more about you! i found some of your segments that you did for cnbc news on youtube. of course i favorited them:) im hoping i can find some of your poetry online.

    love always,
    your niece Kristina Heflin

  9. Hey Gerry (Wayne) –

    I think of you often. I was in Seattle last June for a wedding. It would have been nice to see you as well. Drop me a quick line at Lots to catch up on, my friend.

    All the best.


  10. Wow, I remember you on tv and I also remember Elizabeth Pomada who live across the hall from my father on Pine St in SF in the early 1970’s.

  11. My father, Gerald Wayne ‘Shannon’ Schetzle has passed away.

    A service is being planned for the weekend of the 19th of this month in Eugene, OR, where his mother, LaVonne Shannon was laid to rest last year.

    If you would like to attend to pay your respects, please contact me. My email address is If you send me an email I will respond with further details.

    He was loved and will be missed.

    – Chris Schetzle

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