AudBlog #1 — The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Bagels

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[1/24/06 UPDATE: As insinuated in the comments, during an earlier incarnation of this site (Dr. Mabuse’s House of Fun) that you will likely never see, I had a program entitled “Babblings of an Insomniac,” which I suppose was a podcast years before podcasts were podcasts, that involved getting together with a friend and talking about whatever we felt like it. I had coined the term “aug,” hoping for some Peter Merholz-style propagation. But it never caught on. Should some Brobdingnagian entity grant me limitless spare time, I may post my audio development over the past seven years in full.]


  1. Good to see that you are doing audio blogs again, Ed! No bagels for me today as it is the first day of my diet. Good seeing you last week!

  2. John: Good seeing you too. Good luck on the diet, man.

    Rory: I have the babblings I did circa 1998-1999 here on my computer. Embarassing stuff really, if only because they revealed what an uninformed cocky mofo I was (still am a bit, but decidedly less so — who needs more of that in the world?).

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