B.C. Camplight: For Your Consideration

Ladies and gentlemen, denied a label in his native country, I introduce to you (if you don’t know him already) B.C. Camplight (more music here), who may very well be Pennsylvania’s answer to Todd Rundgren — that is, if Rundgren himself weren’t from Pennsylvania. Oh, what the hell, there’s room for two Rundgrens, is there not? I hope that B.C.’s latest album, Blink of a Nihiist eventually gets some kind of American release. The man is also neurotic as hell. Get this: “So nervous is he that he apparently has every doctor in his home town of Philadelphia on speed dial and recently diagnosed himself as suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.”

So there you have it. Batty melodic tunes like “Blood and Peanut Butter” and “Lord I’ve Been on Fire,” more hypochrondia than Glenn Gould, and possibly quite misunderstood in his own country. What more can you ask for in an indie act?

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