Because When I Think Radioactive Contamination, I Think Warren Beatty


Radioactive Quack Cures: Includes revigators and radioactive pads.

Radioactive Curative Devices and Spas: “The Revigator itself was a ‘radioactive water crock.’ A jar made of radium-containing ore, it held several gallons of water, came with its own spigot, and had the following instructions on the side: ‘Fill jar every night. Drink freely . . . when thirsty and upon arising and retiring, average six or more glasses daily.’ The radon produced by the radium in the ore would dissolve overnight in the water. In effect, it served as a ‘perpetual health spring in the home.'”

Radium Cures: “Radium cures, which reached their pinnacle of popularity in the U.S. during the 1920’s, promised to remedy these diseases, restore youthful vigor, and revitalize an ailing sex life.”