1. OMGulp, I’m over here looking for the lovely piece you did on DFW and you sucker-in-pulled me! Only in Canada, eh? Leave it to our pranksters to sway your voters, hey? Yay, US! But, Boy, what was that you wuz sayin’ ’bout her bein’ an intelleckshuall ‘n’ stuff?
    p.s. While I’m here (again *sigh*), I left a little comment for you over @ home; and, I don’t think you’ll be blushing any longer :). Smoooooooooch! (Above the neck; and, no funny eructations, either! I have a stink bomb and I know how to use it!)
    p.p.s. Man-oh-manna, you mighta been right about S.A. after all, Ed; that’s a pretty snappy shuttupski comeback, ain’t it?


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