Beware the Literary Eds of New York

Today is Ed Park’s birthday. A very happy birthday to him. Good Man Park may seem to be an altogether different person from me, but, at long last, the truth must come out. Mr. Park killed off Ingmar Bergman by talking about him the night before his death. I killed off Tom Snyder by writing a post about him the night before his death. And what’s more, the two of us share the same birthday. I leave readers to opine just what this all means and why this all happened before we celebrated our birthdays. Is there really an Other Ed? Or are we the same person? And since Jennifer Jordan likewise shares the same birthday, is she one of our agents? Or possibly the designated Overseer of Eds? Is this a Brian Azzarello-style conspiracy?

Your speculations are, of course, entirely welcome. But be very careful. For the Eds may likewise rub you out with casual discourse!


  1. Don’t forget Inside Higher Ed (cited today over at TEV), or his fraternal twin Chronicle of Higher Ed

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