Blogging In Sick

I’ve had a mean spot of bronchitis. I could describe to you the Quincy Verdun-like phlegm patterns I’ve been coughing up. Or the mighty rattling coughs that jerk me out of bed at 2 AM. Or the troubling fact that I cannot laugh without coughing, making me wonder if I have a temporary future as a humorless accountant. Or the pleasant dizziness actuated by my shots of Robitussin. But instead I’ll simply bid a momentary adieu to this blog until I feel better.


  1. Listen up:

    Take five cloves of fresh garlic and put them through a press. Add the garlic to a cup of chicken broth (preferably homemade). Add a tablespoon of Tabasco. Heat to boiling.

    Let it cool and drink the whole thing. Take a couple of aspirins.

    You’ll have terrible breath, but you’ll feel better. Now change the “Songs In My Head” listing.


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