Book Babes Watch

It has now been eight days since we’ve heard anything from the Book Babes, with the last column featuring Margo alone (with an almost Stalinist exclusion of Ellen). Have the Book Babes been canned? Did someone actually pay attention to Mark’s petition? Inquiring minds want to know.

To be clear to the Poynter Institute (if they are indeed watching), the collected hope was to raise the level of discourse, not eviscerate it completely.

I certainly hope that Poynter isn’t foregoing book coverage altogether. But if they’re looking for replacements, there are more than a few possibilites.


  1. I know you’re keeping with the Book “Babes” construction by sending up all women, but howsabout Book Boys? There are a number of you out there who could do the job famously.

  2. They’re back, and I’ve found something worse than the Book Babes talking about literary culture: the Book Babes talking about politics.

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