Book Reviewers Wanted

Situation: There are more books here than I can possibly read. I would like to give all of these books a fair chance, given that the publishers have gone to great lengths to send them my way. But I am one person and, in order to exist in this world and have something of a life, it would be completely unrealistic for me to read them all. I can read three books a week, but not fifteen.

Now I am far from a trust fund kid, but here’s what I propose as a solution: If you would like to review these books that I cannot read, please drop me a line at ed @ Tell me a little bit about yourself and the authors you dig. And I will hook you up with a book that works within that template. I cannot pay you, but what I can do is offer my services as an editor and I can ship you the book. I’ll help you hone your voice and I’ll work with you to find a kickass tone. We can take a firm whack at these books that warrant coverage and, together, we can ensure that this heinous backlog is, to some small degree, abated. So what do you say?


  1. I have sample book reviews I can send you if you feel there is anything I can do for you as a reviewer.

    Tony Bober

    alias Derek….

  2. If you are still loking for reviewers I would love to do some. I read almost anything, fiction, biographies, literature.

  3. I would be willing to review books. I have a BA and MA in Writing and English so I would give each book a fair review,. I did this for a publishing company while in college. Contact me via email if interested.

  4. Does the offer still stand to review books? I currently review for and MyBookDroid. I would love to be considered. Thanks.

  5. If your offer is still open, I am very interested in discussing books with you. I am retired with a lovely amount of time, and a long seated fascination for books and the magic of words.

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