Brigid Strikes Back

The first issue of A Public Space, a new quarterly edited by yearlong Paris Review editor Brigid Hughes, is out, and the contents look quite appetizing. Rick Moody, fiction from Charles D’Ambrosio and Kelly Link, poetry, Haruki Murakami on grapefruit, an essay from Marilynne Robinson. Return of the Reluctant, which can not say no to such a motely crew, plans to get its hands on this and report back our findings.

© 2006, Edward Champion. All rights reserved.


  1. here is what their email told me:


    they congratulated themselves on their “GREAT TASTE” which is absurd

    and expected

    i was not surprised

  2. here is what I think about the previous comment:


    Commenatator implicitly congratulates themself on prescience

  3. saying things like “GREAT TASTE,” and thinking things like “GREAT TASTE” will cause pain and suffering in the world, the real world, with real people

    i will prove it soon then send you the link

    you will say, “SO WHAT, WHO CARES,” and life will go on, our important literary lives will go on, “SO WHAT, WHO CARES,” is right, i guess

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